Autre Ne Veut - Play By Play

Arthur Ashin is the new guy in the recent chain of talented artists making R&B shine again. Play By Play’s as grand as it gets these days. Influenced by Usher’s relatively minimalistic ‘Climax’, Ashin sings like he’s really trying to get a point across, giving it his all in an exquisite buildup until about halfway the song takes a different route and explodes into a ridiculously massive singalong, recalling Purple Rain-era Prince. With Play By Play, Ashin makes quite the solid case of wanting to shine the brightest of all stars in 2013.

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Celebration Rock

Celebration Rock was hands down the capital-E Event when it came down to rock records. Japandroids simply are the best at what they do: completely rock the shit out of you. And to think 3 years ago Post-Nothing was their initial last shot at making an album. It would’ve been their last time, putting every single piece of energy they had in it. And they did make it sound like it was their last chance, their everything or nothing chance… Come to think of it, 3 years later it turned out to be everything. Celebration Rock is one of the best records of the year.

It’s no surprise either. With instant classics like ‘Fire’s Highway’, ‘Younger Us’ and the massive ‘The House That Heaven Built’, Celebration Rock was designated to be a massive success music wise. The only blip being the cover of The Gun Club’s ‘For The Love Of Ivy’, but the near perfect B-side of the album makes up for that. Celebration Rock literally is a celebration, a celebration of fighting for your youth, for your love, for every single thing that you desire. Celebration Rock is whatever you make of it, and so much more.

Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

"I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me because i rapped about raping girls when i was 15." You won’t find the same kid rapping about rape, murder or whatever  would horrify his listeners, on Chum. Earl uses this introspective to settle with some of his inner demons ranging from his fatherless life to not fitting in with any regular crowds to Complex coming to search him at Samoa. Chum is by no means anything I would’ve expected to come from Earl Sweatshirt, it’s a reminder of how talented this kid is and only a slight indication of what is still to come from him.

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Passion Pit - Constant Conversations

'Constant Conversations' is one of the lead singles from 'Gossamer' and a definite standout track. It's a painful ballad to listen to: lead singer Michael Angelakos is hurt, but his beautiful falsetto and the lush instrumentation covers it all up. “Yeah they love you when they need you / but someday you’re gonna need to find some other kind of place to go” he sings, highlighting the saddest side of humanity. Hurt should never sound this cheerful, nor should it be so enjoyable. The whole song feels like a complete contradiction, not knowing what to make of the contrast between the meaning of the song and the music itself. It’s not supposed to work, but Passion Pit did it. At any point of any day, there might just be someone out there in the world relating to this song, being comforted by this song or even singing along to this song. It’s one of those songs which aren’t supposed to make you happy, but still do.

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"What good is a jewel that ain’t still precious?"

Pyramids by Frank Ocean

"Now there she goes again, the dopest Ethiopian
And now the world around me be gets movin in slow motion when
When-ever she happens to walk by - why does the apple of my eye
Overlook and disregard my feelings no matter how much I try?
Wait, no,I did not really pursue my little princess with persistance
And I was so low-key that she was unaware of my existance
From a distance I desired, secretly admired her
Wired her a letter to get her, and it went
My dear, my dear, my dear, you do not know me but I know you very well
Now let me tell you about the feelings I have for you
When I try, or make some sort of attempt, I symp
Damn I wish I wasn’t such a wimp
Cause then I would let you know that I love you so
And if I was your man then I would be true
The only lyin’ I would do is in the bed with you
Then I signed sincerely, the one who loves you dearly, PS Love Me Tender
The letter came back three days later: Return to Sender, damn"

Passin’ Me By by The Pharcyde

Spiritualized - Broken Heart

I had always kinda neglected the album “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” even though I had heard its title track countless of times already. I guess I was satisfied with that because honestly its title track remains one of the best songs I have ever heard. Little did I know there was another gem as gutwrenching as “Broken Heart” hidden even deeper in the album. On the title track we still heard Jason Pierce singing he needs love to take the pain away while on “Broken Heart” love is actually the cause of all the pain he’s suffering. Jason Pierce sounds like a broken man here, his heart trampled upon, and accompanied by a set of strings and horns he creates an utterly beautiful atmosphere piercing through each and every single little vein in your body. Jason Pierce makes you feel his pain, he makes his pain your pain, and ultimately he makes his pain your enjoyment. 

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Kanye West’s most recent solo album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ was filled with arresting and utterly brilliant moments. There was the literal power-trip on ‘POWER’, the stadium-pop guest-spot-overloaded ‘All Of The Lights’, the competition-wrecking last verse of Nicki Minaj on ‘Monster’ and so many more, but there’s only one which gives me the chills over and over again. That single moment, that single second, just after Rick Ross’ great verse and a shredding guitar solo of the soul inferno that is ‘Devil In A New Dress’… The moment when that manipulated Smokey Robinson sample ends into that single and simple first piano chord on ‘Runaway’.

For me, there’s no single moment on the album as arresting as that simple and innocent first piano chord. It’s an indicator of what is to come: a dick pic sharing celebration to douchebaggery and real remorse of past mistakes. The whole of ‘Runaway’ from those first piano chords to Kanye West’s sudden revelations, even to Pusha T’s slightly off topic back to Kanye West again admitting his past mistakes to the vocoder and orchestra filled outro, is arresting and beautiful and gutwreching, but for me everything’s in that first single chord. Whenever I hear that, I know what’s gonna follow and I reexperience the trip that is ‘Runaway’.

On ‘MBDTF’ Kanye West did not only take the best out of all his guests, he also perfected his vision of Hip-Hop by combining all the styles he explored on his previous full lenghts and simply by being in a ‘league of his own’ and staying there the entire time. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ is not only Kanye West’s magnus opus, it is a modern day classic already.

Grizzly Bear - Yet Again

Yet Again is the second single of Grizzly Bear’s upcoming new album ‘Shields’. It’s a showpiece of everything that’s great about Grizzly Bear: Ed Droste his voice sounds as sweet and nice as ever, seemingly singing about trying to make things up through better communication while we get yet another confirmation of what great musicians they all are. Although it’s a slightly faster paced song than their usual stuff, it’s a refined and sophisticade piece only to be ended with a psychedelic and chaotic outro until it eventually dies down. With Sleeping Ute and Yet Again we’ve had two previews to their new album so far, but with Grizzly Bear you’re never really sure what to expect. What we can expect though is another great and high quality album.

[Shields will be out the 18th of September through Warp Records.]

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My mind wasn’t set on writing for a while, but I’ll be sure to post more reviews on a regular basis again from now on. I’ll be posting pictures of my favourite musicians again too. It’ll just be a collection of my favourite pictures I happen to stumble upon. Besides that I’ll also try to do album reviews and perhaps make some lists like “Best Albums Of …” etc. It’ll be good!

Animal Collective - My Girls

It’s perfectly sensible to say there’s no other band (Radiohead excluded) that Pitchfork bums off as much as Animal Collective. If it helped raise their popularity? Definitely. Did they really need it? Probably not. On ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ Animal Collective achieved to find the perfect combination of their experimental and unique touch together with a more mainstream and accessible sound with the track ‘My Girls’ as the absolute hightlight of the entire masterpiece. It’s an incredibly catchy song with that instantly memorable synthline and all those subtle added effects. But the lyrics and singing of Panda Bear and Avey Tare makes it that more special. Panda Bear’s singing about his simple desires, making a rather idealistic than realistic vow on his father’s grave, showing pure simplicity that has been lacking this society for so many years. ‘My Girls’ sounds like a glorious celebration, the song that gives the album that much more, an instant classic.

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